Guest blog by Pelin-Fit Women Eat

If you make healthy choices at the grocery store, you’ll have to eat healthy for the rest of the week! I will be feeding my body with all these nutritious food this week, just like I do every week!

  1. Make a plan beforehand and write a list! If you know what you’ll be cooking for the week, you’ll know what will be on the list.
  2. Possibly pick fresh vegetables and fruits. They retain more nutrients and are most likely in discount. Frozen and canned foods are also cheaper, however make sure to look for “reduced sodium” or “no added sodium” when choosing canned foods. When buying frozen veggies, the only ingredient should be the name of the vegetable itself.
  3. Schedule your shopping time after a main meal! It is not always easy to make healthy choices when you are starving! If you can schedule you shopping, plan after you ate your healthy meal, it’s less likely you’ll reach for the junk food and more likely to stick to your list.
  4. Have a post shopping plan! After all the shopping and carrying heavy bags, you might not have the energy for cooking! Imagine how disappointing it would be, shopping a full cart of healthy foods and ordering a pizza. Make sure you are prepared and have you healthy meal ready after your shopping to avoid unhealthy choices.
  5. Stick to the list as much as possible but keep an eye on the discounts! Sometimes there are great deals and you don’t want to miss out on them! Not talking about the chocolate and candy section!
  6. When in the junk food area call 911! Just kidding! But keep looking at your list and basket, pretend you are not walking there and focus on the next item on the list. If you have a treat for the week on the list, just focus on that item only. Grab and go! And don’t ever look back!

Hope these are helpful for you!