We have always promoted that holidays are a great time for families to start or continue traditions. Easter is right around the corner and we wanted to share some of the traditions that are popular and traditions that our staff enjoys with their families.

  1. Teach your kids the meaning behind Easter: Yes, Easter is fun with the easter egg hunts, candy and Easter bunny but do they know the true meaning of Easter? We found some ideas on how to explain and teach your kids with these Sunday school lessons for all ages.
  2. Easter Egg Hunt: Find a local Easter egg hunt in your community for your family to join or you can create your own at home. Eggs can be filled with candy, money or small toys.
  3. Dying Eggs: Compared to when I was a child, there are so many to dye eggs nowadays! I’ve even seen dyeable fake eggs you can purchase at Walmart near the egg dyes. Looking to for an alternative?  Use these natural products to create dye.
  4. Visit the Easter Bunny: This was always hit or miss with my son. Some years he would sit on his lap, other years he couldn’t be in the same building. If they are diggin’ the Easter Bunny’s vibes, then visit him! He always at the mall or random events.
  5. Plant an Easter Garden: Let one of your Easter traditions brighten up your yard. Easter is a happy reminder that it’s time to say goodbye to winter. Celebrate the arrival of spring by planting a garden with your kids for Easter.Marigolds, petunias and other annuals turn that patch of dirt into an instant flower garden for kids. Follow a regional gardening guide to enjoy everything spring can offer your family’s garden.
  6. Make Easter Goodies: Bunny or religious inspired cakes, cookies and other treats are fun to make and enjoy! We created a Pinterest board with tons of ideas here!
  7. Give Back as a Family: Volunteer at your church or soup kitchen who is serving an Easter dinner. You can also create a gender neutral Easter basket full of candy and small gifts and donate to a local homeless shelter. Our friends at Angel of God Clothing in Pitman are accepting donations for Easter Baskets until April 8th.
  8. Watch Easter Movies as a family: Have a movie night or movie marathon during the weekend with Easter movies. We found a list of movies to watch with your older kids and one for your younger kids.
  9. Go to Church: Whether you go to church every Sunday or occasionally, make a point to dress nice and attend your church’s Easter service. Don’t forget to take pictures of everyone dressed up!
  10. Easter Dinner: Invite family and/or close friends over on Easter for a celebratory Easter dinner. Cook a ham, your favorite sides and fun desserts. Make time to share the holidays with the people you love and to create memories for you kids. Here is an idea for Easter dinner.