Written by: Jessica Bagley

If you have wax paper and some old broken crayons, this project might be a nice way to brighten up a window this Valentine’s Day!

1. Grab some old crayons and a butter knife. Carefully shave the sides of the crayons with the knife. Kid’s safety scissors also work for this.
2. Use several different colors, and put the colors into piles. At this point you can plug in your clothes iron so it starts getting warmed up.
3. Sprinkle the crayon shavings on a sheet of wax paper, and place another sheet over top.
4. An adult should carefully and quickly run the hot iron over the wax paper, melting the crayon shavings.
5. Once it’s dry (about 30 seconds) cut heart shapes out of the colored paper. I used some scotch tape to hang them in a sunny window in our dining room!