Written and provided by Jennifer Henderson

With the stress of the economy bearing down on all of us, it’s easy to lose track of the joy that the holiday season brings. The most important thing to remember is that the holidays aren’t only about presents and spending money. The holidays are about giving, loving and spending time with family. I personally love this time of year because it gives me a chance to surprise my boys with little treats that make them smile. At first, I made these treats for that reason alone, but, I have found throughout the years, that they also trigger little memories for them. THAT is the the most wonderful thing – good memories from simple things!

A few years back, I made these adorable little snowman and reindeer doughnuts. The following year, the boys said, “Mom, remember the snowmen you made last year? Can you make them again?”

Yes, sir!

So thrilled that my little baked goods made their way into their hearts, I gladly made them again … and again!

Today, I’m sharing them with all of you, so you may share them with your families. They’re simple and inexpensive, but, adorably creative and memory inducing.

For the snowmen:

A bag (or box) of mini powdered doughnutssnowman

Orange Mike and Ikes (or other orange candy/edible item of your choosing- orange gum drops or butterscotch baking chips also work well)

Miniature chocolate chips (or brown/black M&M’s candy)

Place the Mike and Ike in the center, then the chocolate chips in place for the eyes and mouth.

Finished! Repeat with each and you have a snowman!

For the reindeer:

reindeerA bag (or box) of mini chocolate frosted doughnuts

Red M&M (or other red edible item – red gum drops are a great alternative!)

Pretzel twists

White pearl candy (usually found in the baking aisle, Walmart baking decoration aisle, or craft store). If you are unable to find them, any white edible item would do!

Place red candy in the center, then place eyes. Break the pretzel twist in half and place at top edges to serve as antlers. Repeat with each doughnut and your cute little reindeer is ready for display and eating!

I can’t stress it enough: Enjoy this time with your little ones! Their positive memories play such an important role in their foundation and it’s up to us, the parents and caregivers, to love them as hard as we can and to the best of our ability.