Written and provided by Monica Booth

You see them all over the internet, the moms who seem to do it all, the dads who amaze with their creative parenting hacks. When I read about these “Superparents”, I tend to feel much less than super myself. Some days, I feel like a downright villain.

What we need to remember is that we ARE heroes to our children. We don’t need to organize enviable birthday parties or build life-size AT-ATs in the backyard for our children to see us for the superheroes we truly are. We just need to show them love, and the rest will take care of itself.

Here are 10 ways parents are like superheroes:

1. We have the extraordinary ability to create a living, breathing being- Yeah, it’s science, but I personally believe there’s a little bit of magic involved as well.

2. With great power comes great responsibility- Uncle Ben’s sage advice to Peter Parker is relevant to parenthood too. We’ve been given these precious gifts, and our mission now is to raise them to be the best people they can be.

3. We have weaknesses, but our power lies in our ability to overcome them- Our weaknesses aren’t barriers to being great parents, they’re opportunities to teach our children perseverance, strength and grace.

4. We have a have a high tolerance for pain- We get clawed, pinched and kicked from childbirth on,  that just comes with the territory (those newborn nails are SHARP!). But hey, superhero movies would have been a lot shorter if they only fought to the “ouch!”

5. We fight for our children with everything we’ve got- Yes, we teach our kids independence and problem solving, but we never stop fighting with their best interests at heart.

6. Our children look up to us for guidance and protection- Just like their favorite superheroes, we rid their closets of monsters and show them how to be good, just and true. Take that, bad guys!

7. We don’t seek glory for what we do- Parents aren’t in it for the praise, but a “thanks mom” every once in a while sure does feel nice.

8. We are self-sacrifice personified- We’d do anything for our children, including staying up all through the night, selling the convertible, trading cruises for camping, and passing up those little luxuries. It’s worth it, because our kids come first!

9. We never give up… even on the days when we kinda, sorta, want to.

10. To our children, we are the coolest, most awesome people in the world!- So here’s to parents, everyday heroes who make more of a difference than we’ll ever know. Go us!