Written and provided by Rebecca Nichols

This is the season for giving! It’s important to teach children that giving can be just as fun as receiving. Here are some simple and inexpensive ideas to help your child learn about giving this holiday season.

-Help your child make gifts for grandparents or other family members:
Have your child decorate a small clay flower pot by painting a scene, making a hand print, etc. Buy a small, inexpensive, easy to care for plant (such as aloe). After the decorated clay pot dries, have your child help you transfer the plant into it. Tie a bow around it and allow your child to present his gift to the special recipient.

-Take your child shopping at a thrift or consignment store:
If you’re not feeling crafty, take your child to a thrift store or consignment store and allow her to choose and buy inexpensive gifts with her own money or a small amount that you give her. Provide newspaper or wrapping paper and let your child wrap the gift on her own. It won’t be perfect, but it will be special both to the giver and receiver.