Written and provided by Rebecca Nichols

In the winter, my daughter misses no opportunity to tell me everything she loves about summer.  I’m a summer lover, too.  But since winter’s here, we might as well make the most of it.

Snowball fiiiiiiiight! Or build a snowman. Or make a snow angel.  Don’t be too grown up to get outside in the snow.  Just get outside and get moving!  Running around with your kids, especially in the snow, is a great workout for both of you and your kid will love the time you spend together.

I count down the days until winter solstice.  In late December, it’s the shortest day of the year, and I know that after it comes, it’s downhill sailing and the days will keep getting longer.  But while it’s still getting dark before 6 o’clock, you can actually take advantage of early sunsets to spend time together inside.

Have a Family Game Night.  Get out the board games (whatever’s suitable for your kids’ ages) and let the competition begin!  You could even break out the video games.  Just make sure the video games are appropriate for your child’s age and that everyone gets to play.  Foster an environment of good sportsmanship and fair competition.

Read together. Story time isn’t just for pre-schoolers.  Choose novels for older children and read a chapter or two together each night.  If there’s a movie based on the book, have a movie night and watch it after you finish the book.  Or celebrate Black History Month and read biographies of important African-American leaders together.