Don’t we all deserve to treat ourselves every once in awhile? Of course we do! We live in a busy world that demands a lot from us. The problem is that we associate ‘treating ourselves’ with buying or eating something. So, instead of going broke or gaining weight, break the habit of retail therapy and restaurant dinners with these treats below:

  1. Take a nap. Let’s face it, we can all use a nap.
  2. Pick flowers from your yard. There is nothing like fresh flowers to brighten up a room.
  3. Re-read a favorite book. 
  4. Take a bubble bath. Bath bombs and bath salts are great too. For ultimate relaxation, bring a glass of wine in with you too.
  5. Netflix marathon. If you don’t have Netflix, watch your favorite movies or tv series. ALL. DAY. LONG.
  6. Text or call someone you miss. Whether it’s reconnecting with an old friend or a family member. The conservation is definitely a treat.
  7. Meditate. Remove any thought from your head. There’s nothing more relaxing than literally thinking about nothing.
  8. New experience. Visit a new park or a new place. Enjoy the walk, fresh air and window shopping if there are stores.
  9. Museum trip. Most museums have a free day during the week or month. Plan to visit on that date.
  10. Makeup and hair style tutorials. Youtube has TONS of videos you can watch and follow to try new makeup technique and new hair do ideas.
  11. Take a drive. I love taking a drive to the beach or bay. The sound of the water, the smell of the salty air and the wind is so refreshing.
  12.  Exercise. WHAT? This isn’t a treat? Oh come on, the dose endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine.
  13. Give back to your community. Again, the endorphins kick in when you volunteer and give back, it’s known as the “helper high”.
  14. People watching. I don’t know about you but I love people watching. It’s so fascinating to see how different or similar we all are.
  15. Give yourself a mani or pedi. Or both.
  16. Take off work for the day. Just because.
  17. Go for a walk. Get outside, nature is the best medicine.
  18. Dance. I recently bought my childhood favorite, Ace of Base record. I danced and sang like no one was watching and THANK GOD no one was watching. Don’t forget to let loose and enjoy moments of silliness.
  19. Visit a local animal shelter. Give out your love to make an animal’s day better. If you already have 10 dogs and 10 cats and risk bringing a new pet home from the shelter, then maybe you should skip this one…or not. Just saying.
  20. Write a list of ten things you are grateful for. When we remind ourselves of everything we are grateful for, we tend to take less things for granted.