Michael and Joann along with their two daughters, ages 12 and 20, came to the Family Strengthening Network (FSN) in desperate need of something. Though they didn’t know exactly what they needed, they knew that something had to change if their family was going to make it work.

The eldest daughter was acting out in very destructive ways at home because of past traumatic experiences and causing a great deal of stress in their lives. Along with a Family Advocate (FA) from FSN, the Reese family was able to pinpoint several changes they wanted to work out in their family. Their list included counseling, relational, educational, and career goals.

Their FA was instrumental in the family’s success in so many ways. She helped the Reeses find appropriate counseling for everyone in the family. The cost of the counseling was even covered by their insurance plan! She also made contacts to help the daughter connect with a job interview in her field of interest. Together, they worked through a career coaching plan, creating a resume and practicing for the interview.

In addition the FA mediated communication between family members, allowing them to communicate more effectively and prepare to spend a holiday together. Through counseling, accountability and medication, the daughter has significantly altered her behavior and while small relapses still occur, she is on the road to healthy recovery and a new outlook on life. Because of the career coaching, she excelled at the job interview and succeeded in securing a job. Though communication between family members still takes intentionality and work, their interactions are more positive and constructive. Via small, deliberate steps coupled with accountability, the Reeses are moving towards being a closer family that can send its children into the world confident that they can succeed in all areas.