This crock pot homemade applesauce recipe calls for only 3 ingredients, apples, water and cinnamon. The results are a sweet creamy, or chunky, side dish or dessert. I’m not going to lie. I have always been intimidated by making homemade applesauce because I can remember my mom slaving over the hot stove, mashing and pureeing the apples by hand. Growing up it was always a one time a year project we did in the fall and definitely something we looked forward too. Homemade applesauce is a totally different ball game then store jar sauce. Homemade applesauce is smoother and sweeter, like a dessert. This recipe is sweet with NO SUGAR!

Things you will need:

  • Crock pot
  • Apple Peeler or Knife
  • Food processor/ mixer (unless you want chunky applesauce)
  • 12 Baking Apples
  • 1 Cup Water
  • 1 tsp. Cinnamon


  1. I invested in an apple peeler/slicer/corer a long time ago because of the obvious, I hate doing it. If you don’t have have one, a sharp knife will do. The apples need to be cored and sliced. The skins can be left on for nutritional values, just make sure to wash them and buy organic.
  2. Throw the apples with skins into the crock pot, add the water and the cinnamon.
  3. Cook on high for 4-5 hours, or low for 7-8 hours, occasionally mashing the apples with a spoon as they cook.
  4. This step is optional, if you don’t want chunky applesauce, add the finish product into a mixer or food processor and mix until smooth.