Pictured from left to right: Michele Berrios, Principal Mrs. Kathleen Procopio, Katie Helig,Teacher-Librarian Kathleen Galarza and Emma Sedeyn.

In preparation for our Family Day of Service on May 20th-22nd, we held a sock drive to help benefit Cumberland County’s homeless population. Once we announced our sock drive, Millville Senior High School jumped on board, excited to put forth the effort of their students and staff to help provide socks for the local homeless. Their final count was 665 pairs of socks! We are so thankful for their participation and the HUGE impact they made for the less fortunate.

 “Socks are an important aspect of foot health. Your feet are the only part of your body that is in constant contact with the ground. Your feet endure tremendous stresses throughout the day. For this reason, your feet need extra attention and care. Socks can provide a vital part of protection as they are the primary interface between your foot and the ground. Socks provide padding, moisture absorption, and a reduction in friction. Socks also provide warmth in cold, and in some cases anti-microbial protection (socks that resist bacteria). Due to the significant stresses that your feet undergo throughout the day a good pair of socks can mean the difference between feet that function well and feet that encounter multiple problems. There are many different types of socks from cotton to polyester to anti-microbial. Socks are improving with technology and the point is clear, socks are important not only to foot health, but your health. The homeless often times will go without socks, or wear socks that are old and damaged. This lack of protection can cause problems in many ways. It can lead to bacterial and/or fungal infections, blisters, and in cold weather, frostbite. The simple use of a cotton sock can prevent multiple problems and is inexpensive to provide.” -Bryan C. Satterwhite DPM, FACFAS Atlantic Foot Specialists, pllc

 You can help those in need by donating new socks to your local homeless shelter or code blue program anytime! You can also create a sock drive as your DIY project for our Family Day of Service event. Feel free to contact us with any questions at Hillary.fsn@gmail.com.