Every parent wants their kids to sleep safely and comfortably at night. But how would you honestly answer this question: how safe are your kids during bedtime? From home break-ins to fluctuating room temperatures, a number of factors may affect your kids’ safety at night. This can get you all worried, but you’re not making your kids any safer if you let your worries get the better of you. Here are 9 best ways to ensure the ultimate safety for you little ones at night.

1. Ensure Your Doors and Entryways are Secured

Doors and other entryways like glass windows are the primary targets of criminals who intend to break into your home. Stop them in their tracks with a home security systemthat gives you the power to effectively secure doors and entryways. With a robust security system, you can ensure your kids’ safety at night even when you’re working late at the office. What’s also great is you can give them their own codes so they can have access when they get back from school or they accidentally locked themselves out while you’re away. Moreover, apart from being able to receive notification through your mobile device as your kids enter the house, you can lock doors right up with a click of a button if your kids leave them unlocked.

2. Implement a Proper Sleeping Schedule

A proper sleeping schedule is crucial for your child’s development. As numerous studies show, poor sleeping patterns will likely delay the development of a child’s cognitive abilities. In this sense, providing a safe bedtime for your kids should also means prioritizing their health and welfare. If you have a hard time putting your kids to bed, smart devices can come to your rescue. Smart devices such as automated light, TV and music systems are great because they can turn off and on according to the bedtime schedule you’re implementing. These devices are also useful to help you in getting your kids out of bed in the morning.


3. Make the Bedroom Conducive for a Restful Sleep

Create a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your kids with smart sensors that can monitor and control the temperature in the bedroom. Never again will you have to second guess if the temperature is too cold or hot. Remember that fluctuating room temperatures will likely come in the way of your child’s comfortable sleep. With a smart temperature device, your child’s bedroom becomes a favorable space for a restful sleep.


4. Have 24/7 Monitoring and Control

With your busy work schedule and many responsibilities, you can’t be with your kids all the time. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t keep an eye on them 24/7. Installing surveillance cameras with real-time video monitoring allows you to check on your kids in their bedroom. These devices also have the capability to notify you if they’ve gone out to the backyard and if they came home from school to do their homework. Having a smart camera is also ideal if you have a nursery. Choose a camera with an infrared feature so you can check on your baby while they are sleep without having to switch the lights on.


5. Install Protection for Dangerous Areas

Just when you think you’ve done enough, a home alarm system makes you realize that you can still bolster home safety for your kids. With an alarm system, you can receive alerts when your kids are at potentially dangerous locations like the pool or the front door. By nature, kids are inquisitive and can wander around the house at the night when they should be in bed. It’s of utmost importance to prevent them from accessing unsafe locations in your house. If you usually come home from work around your kids’ bedtime, a good device to incorporate to your system is a video and audio intercom. You can place the device on your front door, and it can help your kids to see who’s at the door without having to open it.

Installing cabinet sensors on risky parts of the bathroom is one of the effective measures you can do to ensure your kids’ safety at night. We know that young children have the tendency to put anything in their mouths. When they’re brushing their teeth before bedtime, you can never be sure if they are opening the medicine cabinet to try out what’s in there. Medicines and chemicals can prove extremely harmful to your kids even when they ingest a small amount. While you can put these dangerous items in a cabinet and instruct your kids to stay away from them, there’s still that risk that their curiosity will get the better of them. When tied to an alarm system, cabinet sensors will immediately notify you whenever children are accessing these risky locations.


7. Stop the Silent Killer

Carbon monoxide is sometimes called the invisible killer because they’re colorless and odorless. Victims of carbon monoxide poisoning may be unaware of the lethal danger they’re facing. This is scary if you think of your child having a deep sleep at night, oblivious to the undetectable harm. Installing a carbon monoxide detector will eliminate this risk. When shopping in an alarm system store, consider a device that can also double as a smoke and fire alarm.

8. Conserve the Environment as Your Kids Sleep

It’s important to look at the bigger picture when creating a safe home for your kids. What goes on inside their bedroom at night is just as important as what happens outside. Did you know that wasteful energy consumption contributes to environmental degradation? With a home automation system, you can conserve energy while your kids are asleep. Through the intelligent control of lights and appliances, smart devices can empower you to effectively do your part in protecting the environment. Making your kids aware of the importance of these devices can also help them understand the urgent necessity of energy conservation.


9. Always Be Prepared for Emergencies

Panic buttons can spell the difference between safety and harm in emergency situations at night. Whether the emergency situation is related to crime or health, a panic button can promptly alert you and the authorities with a simple switch. With a panic device, your kids can effectively and safely call for help when it may be unsafe to do so in other ways. For example, if someone has broken in the house, using the phone to call for help may escalate the situation. A panic button provides a quick and convenient way to summon help discreetly.

With the tips provided here, you’re better equipped as a parent to ensure your kids’ safety at night. Installing a home automation system not only has the benefit of providing safety for you and your kids during bedtime, it can also give you peace of mind so you too can have a  deep and worry-free sleep.

Guest Blog by Patricia Evans, a contributing writer for Huffington Post UK, Mommy Bites, and other online publications.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash via Pixabay