The Family Strengthening Network (FSN) is not just for families with young or school-aged children.  We support families in all stages of life.

Meet the Douglas family, a mother and three children, ages 17-21, living together.  This family, four adults (or soon to be adults) residing under one roof was experiencing a lot of relational tension.  When they came to FSN, they brought issues like disrespect, unwillingness to contribute to family life, and lack of direction in addition to the manipulative off and on presence of the children’s father.

The family began meeting with a FSN advocate and identified some changes they would like to see not only in their household but also in their individual lives.  Their advocate was able to offer a number of resources, including mediating conversations between family members so that they could explain their feelings in a constructive way and counseling the children regarding their educational options and next steps in life.

What a difference working with FSN has made in the Douglas home!  Their Family Advocate set them on the path to being a family that is unified and works together rather than tears one another down. Peaceful communication and respect are now the norm.  With the advocate’s help, they came up with a plan in which everyone shares household tasks and the oldest even contributes to the home’s financial responsibility to a small degree. After examining their options with the advocate, the two oldest children have found direction and committed to college and the military.  They have also been able to sustain a more healthy relationship with their father.  This family is looking toward a bright future.