Greg came to America looking for a better future for his wife and kids. He would find a job, work hard and set up a home to bring over the rest of his family. Taking on two jobs, he was able to purchase a small home and sent for his family. However because of Visa complications, his children were sent over but his wife remained behind. With two young children to care for and no one watch them so Greg could work, things quickly began to deteriorate. He lost one job because of all the time he had missed to watch his kids and then his health began to fail.

It was at this point that Greg’s neighbor referred him to the Family Strengthening Network. The Family Advocate sat down with him, attentively listen to his story and then together they developed a plan to improve his situation. The advocate suggested that he develop a stronger relationship with his neighbor and ask for help with his kids. Because of his own cultural background, he would not have considered this, but he took a step of faith and reach out to her. A new relationship blossomed and helped Greg immensely with raising his kids.

Next the advocate called Greg’s work and explain the situation regarding his health and family. His boss understood and agreed to hold Greg position until he was able to return to work. Greg admitted himself into the hospital, was diagnosis, and began receiving treatment.  He is now feeling much better and has energy to return to work. FSN helped him find child care through Quality Care and now Greg is working full time again.

With all the work Greg had missed, bills were piling up and the bank was threatening to foreclose on his home. The Family Advocate helped him apply for New Jersey Homekeepers and he was successfully granted two years of assistance.  The advocate helped Greg sign up for a financial budgeting and management class sponsored by FSN to help him make wise choices and prevent these same issue from happening again.

Greg credits the support he received from the Family Strengthening Network for pulling his family together and turning their situation around. He has developed a life long friendship with his advocate and continues to meet with her as they address other issues with his children and trying to obtain citizenship. One step at a time, Greg is making decisions to strengthen his family and FSN is walking alongside each step of the way.